Sunday, January 8, 2012

Haiku Monday: Nocturnal

This week Haiku Monday is hosted by Scout at

And these are the haiku that I wrote for this theme:

The howling is heard
Wolves are calling out for those
Who truly love darkness.

The second haiku refers to some fantasy creatures of the night - vampires. I chose them because I think they can be included in this theme and also because my country is where the legend of Dracula was born. The region called Transylvania is the one that inspired Bram Stoker to write his book. 

Drops of red blood fall
As their sharp fangs sink deeper...
Darkness hides victims.


  1. Good job Anya! Great haiku! Loved your beautiful visuals.

    Hokey smokes, Bullwinkle! (That's what Rocky the squirrel used to say to Bulwinkle the moose.) Sorry, the first thing that came to my mind was Boris and Natasha who came from Pottsylvania. That's the way my mind works. If you've never seen their cartoon show look it up on you tube. It's from my era.

  2. Nice haiku and visuals. Vlad the Impaler is one of my favorite misunderstood historical figures.

    Pretty sure Dracula was very loosely based on him. But I've never read the book.

  3. Good Haiku, Anya!! Very evocative.

    Prince Vlad 's family suffered from a genetic condition called Porphyria, a blood disorder that makes it very painful for its victims to be in sunlight---

    He seems to have been a very harsh tyrant, but "just". If one decides a death punishment is justified, then do we modern's have a certain arrogance to assume the manner of death is unjustified?

  4. Hello fellow Haiku-er! We have coyotes near and on my Island property and I often hear them at night. And I don't mind them or wolves as long as they don't come near my house full of little dogs! :-) Happy Haiku Monday. What a lovely contribution.

  5. Aunty - Yes, well, there are a lot of legends from where we can choose that make Vlad seem more or less like a Vampire. That is why I am fascinated by him and the stories about him.

    Boxer - Coyotes are cute and interesting animals too. It must be nice to be able to see other animals than stray dogs and cats. I start hating this city I live in because it doesn't have much nature.

    I chose wolves for my haiku because I really love them and because they really are beautiful creatures.I am a crazy animal lover actually, so I kinda find any animal cute and interesting..:)

    Thanks for leaving a note! :)

  6. Hi Anya,

    Well chosen visuals for your Haiku.

    I live in a different reality that you in that I walk among wolves in the forests here. They are a very true predator; efficient and deadly. You can learn much about them as you walk in their tacks and follow their doings. We see them seldom because they are secretive, but one day in deep snow while I was hunting elk and following wolf trails, I think they were nearby. I suddenly felt very threatened, though I never did see them. It was unsettling to think they might be looking at me as prey. There was a woman in Montana, USA this year who was bowhunting for elk who had to kill a wolf in self defense. They are very beautiful animals, but by no means harmless.

    Your perspective is of interest. It has been a long time since you had wolves roaming where you live. You live in a very different environment than I do.

    Keep up with those haikus.