Sunday, December 11, 2011

Inside a snow globe

         Tick Tock…and the seconds melted to dust…
She walked slowly, dragging her feet through the white sand. Her shiny brown eyes were watching the sunset beyond the horizon. The sky was a swirl of pink, orange and blue, being very similar to a waltz between two lovers. Eva watched in awe until everything turned into Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.
“Every living thing in the galaxy has a single shining star inside of it.” Thought Eva, “but which one is my star? Are there any more beyond the glass that surrounds my world?”
Unknown to her, Eva was a special girl. She was the girl that would fight for her dreams until they became reality. But she would only find this out later. For now, her world was simply gray. She felt like a stain that not even the biggest eraser in the world could clean. Her biggest wish was to color the world and herself and break the glass wall that stood between her and freedom.
Time slips so quickly….
She was surrounded by darkness. The sun she once loved had disappeared. That second was the kind of moment that told her that she should forget about dreams and come back to the real world. But Eva could not do that. She was surrounded by silky ropes that could not be untied, thus keeping her captive in her imaginary world…in the world of dreams…in a world that would never be real. 
“Nobody dares to be truly sad, nobody dares to be truly happy. We find ourselves in a strange world of life and death…half life…half death. By our choices we decide towards which half we are going.”
Suddenly, Eva heard noises that became louder. She knew what was to come: her world would be shaken and snowflakes will fall while a pair of eyes will watch the scene. A few seconds later she started dancing through the white sand and in the rain of snowflakes, wishing for her dream to come true… “Freedom…how nice it sounds!” But she then met the stunning green eyes that watched her.
“You like seeing birds trapped in cages, don’t you? How cruel can you get?“ thought Eva.
After a few more shakes, sounds started to subside.
“It’s so strange how all sounds simply turn on and off, on and off, like that game of ‘Musical Chairs’; a game where I am always out; a game where I am always…just…ME.
Time has a way of pulling people apart…
There was a time, long ago, when Eva was truly happy. It was the time when she had a friend. The first owner of the snow globe, which is Eva’s world, was a little girl called Amy. Eva fell in love with Amy’s blue eyes, and with her smile. Amy would always talk to Eva through the glass wall and when she shook the globe, Eva felt like a princess lulled by gentle waves.
But one day, Amy decided to move to a new house and forgot about Eva.
“You appeared, but disappeared just as fast. Just like a demon. And even if you disappeared, the illusion that you were here stays. I don’t regret the fact that I met you, Amy! Past things will always stay in the past, and the future heals through present. At least, I hope so. I still hope. I am sure you are not a demon.” These are the words that Eva wanted to tell to Amy. But she never got the chance.
Blinded by tears, sobbing in darkness, feeling herself empty on the inside, she became am empty shell and closed herself from any other feelings. “Pain fades away with the flow of time.” But Eva wasn’t looking for a cure. She just wanted to be happy again. 
One day, Lucy, whom was now the snow globe’s owner, came and shook Eva’s world. She had tears in her eyes. Eva felt a bit upset and decided to dance in the snow. She didn’t know how much time she spent dancing but when she looked up at the girl, she was astonished to see her smiling. Just because Lucy watched her, she became happier. Then, the girl placed the globe on her nightstand in front of a little mirror. Eva looked at herself surrounded by the glass walls and saw something written on the snow globe's support: “I offer you this hoping that it will make you as happy as it made me. Amy.”
Eva was stunned. She understood everything the wrong way. Her world wasn’t gray at all. On the contrary, she was the one holding all the colors and she had to color the lives of others. The glass walls were protecting her from the bad things that could stop her from sending colors out, and not trapping her inside. 
“Humans are weak. But weakness is not a bad thing. Due to their insecurities they use things like my snow globe in order to form ties and stay strong. If I believe in tomorrow and step forth, I will live a strong life and that means that I will be able to smile! I had given up on people because I thought that they only bring sadness. But I am actually the light, and the glass is the prism, and together we form the colors. I used to treat my life as something insignificant and I forgot about the things I love. I made a great mistake. The painful memories are the ones that become the seeds of tomorrow and make us strong. Until now I thought I was the princess locked up in a tower and I was waiting for the prince. But actually, the world outside the glass wall is the princess and I am the knight in shining armor. I promise to always bring happiness whenever my world shakes. And thank you Amy for being my friend and bringing out my true value. Feelings aren’t visible to the eyes, but you, Amy, made them visible through the gifts you made. Thank you!
With these words, Eva tied a ribbon in her hair and smiled. She wanted to change who she was and show her confidence to the world. She found the magic that the snow globe possessed. “ I want to show the world a different me!”
From that day on, Eva kept dancing and playing with the snowflakes whenever her world shook. Owners of the snow globe kept changing. Blue eyes turned to green than to gray and brown and back to blue. But the one thing that stayed the same was Eva’s smile. The snow globe is still bringing happiness and painting the world. I know it because it has a special place on my nightstand and I watch its beauty every night until I fall asleep.
Tick Tock…and seconds melted to dust…


  1. I really like this and your poetry as well.

  2. Good morning Anya,

    A nice story. My daughter likes snow globes as well.

    Thank you for playing Haiku Monday, please play again next week. New perspectives always add fun to the mix of folks that play.

  3. Happy to see you playing Haiku Monday!


    We have several snow globes too--sweet story