Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Haiku Monday

Hello Everyone!

I am your host for this week’s Haiku Monday. I am honored and I would like to thank everyone for the votes. I am excited to host this week and I hope many of you will accept the challenge. Everyone is welcome and I hope we will have some new players too.

“Life is full of beauty. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” Ashley Smith.

The Haiku Monday theme is “Beauty”.

The usual rules are applied. 5-7-5 /17 syllables format. You can submit as many entries as you like, but choose the two that you want judged. Kireji and Kigo are not necessary but you can use these elements if you like. You can also post visuals on your blog because they might serve as a tie breaker and they also make everything more fabulous and interesting. Deadline is at Midnight Pacific Time on Monday. The winner will be announced on Tuesday.

Good luck to everyone! I hope many of you will accept the challenge.


  1. Desires fade away
    with a moment of beauty.
    I am born again.

  2. hello! I hope to participate and love the theme. Have a great weekend.

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  4. Good morning Anya,

    Congratulations on your win! And thank you for hosting.

    There every day
    It's splendor surrounds us
    If you only look

  5. Her heart has eyes that

    her brain knows nothing about.

    She dreams of spring rain.

  6. 98

    Joyful symphony.
    Hills and rivers sing the news.
    Victory is ours!

    I'm UP!

  7. Curmudgeon: Lovely…actually adorable. Those haiku simply talk to me. The second one is like a description of me. Spring rain is the best! Keep up the good work!:)

    Karl: All I can think of is Beautiful. Thinking about the beauty of something simple that is always there, day by day, and some don’t even notice it.Very nice!

    Troll: Impresive! So many different images and songs rushed through my mind. I don't know why but after reading the first line I thought about Beethoven's 5th symphony. And your visual helped my imagination even more.

    Boxer: I hope you will join us this week. :)

  8. Hi, Anya! Congratulations on your win for last Haiku Monday. This is my first time trying here, so be gentle everyone. You can see the images that accompany them on my blog.

    Winter moon hangs high;
    Fiery dawn chases behind.
    Each day, fresh beauty.

    Seductive beauty,
    Yes, please, I’ll have another!
    My strange addiction.

    She caresses me;
    Strength and gentleness combined.
    She holds beauty here.

    1. Awesome granny. Liked the winter moon. Make sure you tell Anya which two you want judged.

  9. Sorry, the link to my blog with haiku and photographs is:

    The link on my name takes you to the Blogger profile which I no longer use.


  10. I would like to give a shout out to Grumpy Granny, for playing Haiku Monday for the first time. Lovely haiku and I hope you will join us more from now on.

  11. I look forward to it, Anya. Thanks for your kind comments. Also, just FYI, I can't seem to post comments under my WordPres ID. Not sure what that is about, so anyone reading, please use this link:

    Sorry for any inconvenience!

  12. Congrats once again on your win and thanks for hosting!

    I'm up with visuals:

    Fractured limestone peaks
    once obscured by ocean’s depths
    now commune with sun.

  13. Hi, Anya! Great theme, and thank you for hosting.

    I am up with a visual.

    Fountain of Youth:
    fed by tears that blur my face
    in the looking glass.

  14. Anya won haiku,
    Now it is her turn to judge.
    Another challenge.

    Hi Anya, I have been traveling so I am a bit tardy contributing. Here are my two offerings. Good luck with the judging. Stiff competition again, I see.

    Functional Beauty:

    One has to wonder
    did nature design feathers
    for beauty; function?

    (Visuals at:

    Rocky Mountain Columbine:

    The fragile beauty
    of a blossom provides joy,
    even in pavement.

    (Visuals at:


    (I don't seem to be able to post from my open ID)

  15. Hello! I'm up with visuals:

    Resident jester
    mongrel, origin unknown
    to us, perfection

  16. These are for Jean she couldn't get on this site so I'm posting these awesome haiku for her.

    Can you hear beauty?
    Listen to a loved one's laugh.
    That's hearing beauty.

    the first time I saw
    your eyes, your sky blue eyes, I
    fell into beauty.

  17. Here's my attempts!

    One man's treasure is
    another's trash. Beauty lies
    in beholder's eye.

    It is in their soul
    not their looks or successes.
    More than just skin deep.

  18. Anya:

    I have 2 for your review:

    Showered in His reign
    Beastly burdens wash away
    Naked, I stand TALL

    (visuals are up at

    Whispering Willows
    Lie in silent harmony
    Hear a fairie'd tale

    (visuals are up at

    Blessings to all our faults that, in sum, make us beautiful--


  19. Betty Davis-esque
    Ice blue like tropical seas
    The eyes of My Wife

    1. Great entry! If you have a blog give us url. If you don't it's still a good entry.

  20. Sans noise, sights, touch, smell.
    Deep deprivation reveals
    Glories unrevealed.

  21. Hi Anya! Thanks for hosting on such a pretty blog site! I I am NOT up with a visual on my site today but hopefully the poem makes sense all on it's own!! Sometimes we have a hard time seeing in ourselves what others see.

    my mirror hides what
    soft firelight!
    lover's eyes don't lie

  22. From J.T.

    All God's Creation
    sunrise over waterfalls
    full moon starlit nights

  23. Heavy woolen skies
    endless dreary drizzle; still,
    Chick-o-meter 10.

    I am up, with visuals. Happy Haiku Monday everyone!

  24. Anya dear, congratulations on last weeks win!

    Beauty of Springtime
    New shoots and buds emerging
    Colours Winter's grey.

  25. Epic battle last week. It looks like another. Glad your back.

  26. Her exquisite face
    fills the dreams of seven men.
    Sleeping beauty death.

  27. Fair daughter of Zeus
    Passions burned, Oh Spartan Queen
    Ships launched for Helen

  28. Goodness! Looky what a fantastic collection of Beauty Haikus! Congrats to all--these is wunnerful.

    Hi Anya,
    thank you for hosting us with such a good theme. Here is my entry--visuals posted at

    Frozen lake etched by
    swirling gyroscope of tulle-
    Ethereal grace.

  29. Hi, again! Great group of entries!

    Here is my second:

    Last rose of Summer
    longs to be plucked with delight
    like Spring's first blossom.

  30. Hello everyone!! I am terribly sorry for not posting comments recently but I had to study. Teachers are giving us way too much homework!

    Anyway I want to thank everyone for playing this week and sharing such beautiful haikus.

    Moi: Absolutely adorable haiku. Nature is indeed beautiful and you managed to prove this with your haiku.

    Fleur: You shared with us two magnificent haiku accompanied by great visuals. Both were original and inspired. I can’t tell you how amazed I was.

    Seredipity: Really creative and outstanding. Your first haiku described the importance of something as fragile as a feather in such a beautiful way that it made me think that I never really appreciated the little things. As for the second haiku, the first time I read it the words that came to mind were “hope” and “strength”. How a small flower had the strength to grow in a place where other plants gave up is absolutely great. The visuals were also great.

    Boxer: You really know how to make me smile! I adore puppies! I am still smiling when I read your haikus and look at the visuals. I feel like a 3 year old in a candy shop. I want to hug my dog a lot thanks to your haikus. Absolutely adorable!

    Jean: Thank you for sharing these haikus. They managed to remind me of people that are very dear to me and nice memories came back. Thanks to you I was reminded of how important some people are.

    Pam: Wonderful and deep! I really loved your poems and they helped me appreciate other people’s things more and you also showed us that the beauty of the soul is more important than looks. Amazing and so true!

    Rafael: Very creative! The visuals were original too and they gave me some ideas for my history of art class. I like your haikus a lot!

    J.T.: I love the fact that many things hide behind your haikus: Romance, Beauty, Originality, Creativity, Truth, Depth and so much more.

    Czar: Like all the other participants of this week’s Haiku Monday you show us beauty in yet another original way. You highlight the importance of something trivial yet vital.

    Scout: Lover’s eyes never lie indeed. The image of the lover that notices something special in a person others call ordinary is always lovely and original. The second haiku was also really nice. I am really impressed because of the way so much could be said in only 17 syllables.

    Chickory: Thank you for sharing such wonderful haiku and visuals with us. You reminded me of the times when I used to visit some friends in the countryside and I always liked the atmosphere there, the silence, all the animals. It’s magic in a simple way.

    Dianne: I feel like I have to make a painting, that is grey, look happier. I add colors here and there, some flowers, bluer skies, lots of green and in the end I managed to turn Winter into Spring. That’s what I had in mind when I read your haiku. Beauty indeed!

    Fishy: Magnificent! This reminded me of the time when mum used to tell me bed time stories. I would always listen all the story and I felt like one of the little princesses there.

    Aunty: Swam Lake. That’s what I had in mind when I saw the visuals. I love ice skating. It’s one of my favorite sports. You showed the beauty of it in such a graceful way.

    Every one did a very good job this week and I was really impressed. The winner will be posted tomorrow. Good luck to all!