Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Haiku Monday Winner

Hello everyone! First of all, I want to praise each of you. All the haikus were absolutely beautiful. 
This week I found out exactly how tough it is to be host. I loved reading every haiku and seeing what incredible ideas everyone had, but choosing just one haiku was really hard. The visuals helped me lot too and now I am able to understand their importance much better.  
Three haikus out of 28 really got under my skin. 

Dianne wrote a very interesting haiku: 

Beauty of Springtime
New shoots and buds emerging                              
Colours Winter's grey.

Dianne managed to express the beauty of Spring and how this season brings color to the world, after Winter turned everything into a grey univers. It’s like having a canvas in front of you and all you have to do is to add color, turning it into a work of art. Unfortunately, no visuals accompanied this haiku but it impressed me anyway.

Next is Boxer: 

Resident jester
Mongrel, origin unknown
To us, perfection

If anyone wonders why I liked this haiku, I can explain it in one word: Dogs! They are the most loyal and cute animals in this world, in my opinion. The difference between dogs and other animals is that they love their owner and they are loyal to him until the end. They offer their love without asking for nothing in return. The only thing they want is maybe a bit of love in return. Every dog is perfect and special in its own way no matter what breed it is. 
A few years ago, the story of one dog really impressed me. Hachiko was an Akita dog and it belonged to a professor that used to travel a lot by train. The dog used to wait for him at the station every day. After a year, the professor died, but the dog kept on waiting for him at the station every day for 10 years. I think this proves how loyal dogs can be and this story made me appreciate dogs even more. 

Another haiku that made me wonder why I have to choose just one winner is the one Moi shared with us:

Fractured limestone peaks
once obscured by ocean’s depths
now commune with sun. 

I was drawn to this haiku because it shows a beautiful part of the world we live in that many don’t notice. The visual was outstanding and I could almost feel like I was there, seeing the greatness of the mountain and feeling the fresh air. It’s magical!

And now….The announcement everyone is expecting….This week’s Haiku Monday Winner is….


Congratulations everyone and thanks again for playing this week!  :)


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment dear Anya and for hosting the competition.
    Congratulations to Boxer!!!
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Hooray fer Boxer-babe!! Good heart tug.

    Anya, you did a splendid job hosting, thank you so much--isn't it fun??

  3. Aunty: I have to admit it is fun, but tough too. :) I enjoyed hosting, and I can't wait for the new theme.

  4. I thought Boxer's was best too. I loved it! Nice Job hosting, Anya!!

  5. Hey, thanks for the mention! And for hosting. I hope you enjoyed yourself, but it IS difficult picking a winner.

    And a big YAY and CONGRATS to Boxer! It was one of my top choices as well.

    But let's hope her theme isn't . . . tofu :o)

  6. Anya,
    Fine job of hosting and subject selection!
    Isn't this a great game and a great crowd?

    Bravo Boxer,
    You did indeed trump us all with the beauty of your heart.

  7. For Reals? WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Thank you Anya! I think you did a really amazing job of visiting each blog where you left really lovely comments for all of the REALLY great Haikus. Grumpy Granny's was my favorite. I hope I can do half as well in hosting.


    For reals???? :-) Thank you! I'll have my word choice up tomorrow night.

  8. Congrats to both Boxer and Anya on this one. Perfect haiku for the perfect dog, Boxer. Nice job on a difficult field, Anya. It was an excellent theme.


  9. Woo Hoo Boxer!!! Well deserved Win!! You did good Anya - thanks for hosting this week!!

  10. Confetti all over you, Boxer! Nice going!

    Anya, you were a wonderful hostess!! I am always so jazzed about the idea of winning--but then when it comes to judging, you've conveniently forgotten just how difficult it is to pick one winner.

  11. Congratulations, Boxer!! I look forward to seeing what your choice of theme is for next week. And so happy you're going to give it a go for Battle Cabbage!


  12. Good morning Anya,

    Thank you so much for hosting. Keeping up and judging with a busy schedule can be a challenge. Particularly with language issues as well. You did a fine job!

    Congratulations Boxer, Henry's you're lucky charm.

  13. Congrats Boxer! I loved how you were able to capture the simple goofy beauty of your dog. Unlike yours, mine rules with an iron paw and is damn lucky she's cute!

    Awesome theme and perfect pick, Anya! Thanks for hosting.


  14. Hello! I've picked the theme for next week and it's.....


    Something I get a lot of in my part of the world. My official post will be up Friday and I look forward to hosting and seeing your entry.

    Thank you again!

  15. (will blogger let me comment???)

    Anya, you did a marvelous job hosting! Thank you so much.
    Tough choice but Boxer's is a beauty. Congrats!