Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Music Box

      I opened my eyes slowly. I didn’t know where I was or what happened to me. I looked around and I saw many pieces of metal, wood and material. The metal pieces were mostly shaped like the wheels of a clock, the wood ones were different sizes and they were painted mostly in pink or gold and the material was either pink, red or purple. I waited a while and got used to my surroundings when I was suddenly lifted up and put in a dark room which had a door above. It was like a box.
Darkness…That was all that I could see. I was locked in that room without any opportunity of getting out. I could hear noises from outside the box. The metal pieces were moved from place to place. 
Clicking…Knocking…And then a sweet sound. Was it a bell? No, it wasn’t that. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I knew that I was going to love that sound.
Then the door opened slightly letting the blinding light inside. I could see from the corner of my eye that someone else was now in the same room with me. 
The door closed and darkness filled the room again providing me from seeing who the new visitor was. The moment that beautiful sound could be heard again, the door above me opened completely. When my eyes got used to the light I looked around and found myself in a pink room with rose petals scattered everywhere. On my left there was a big mirror which allowed me to see how I looked. I was wearing a simple strapless gown of pale pink embroidered silk, with an asymetrical overpanel, revealing a less-heavily embroidered underskirt. My curly blonde hair was pulled up in a ponytail and I was wearing a tiara with a small purple gem on top. It made me look like a real princess.
And then, another figure accompanied mine in the mirror. It was a boy, about my age. His short black hair and crystal clear dark blue eyes were stunning compliments, even though his eyes were covered by thin rectangular rimmed glasses. He looked at me and smiled.
The door closed again. I could hear that clicking and turning sound again. I realized that it was a lonely golden key turning the wheels from inside the box. One turn…Two turns….Three turns. The door opened and I was surrounded by that beautiful sound. I looked at the boy without knowing what to do. And then everything started with a simple question:
“ Can I have this dance? ” 
In that moment I was speechless, but I managed a nod and then I took his offered hand. 
That was how we first met. And since then we were always together. Every time the door opened and the song started, we would dance with passion until the music stopped.
One day, a little girl opened the door, and, as always, we started dancing. I looked from the corner of my eye at the girl and something intrigued me. I could see so much happiness in her eyes just by looking at us. I felt like I could fly in that girl’s dreams and stay there forever.
She suddenly closed the door and we were surrounded by darkness, but I could hear her voice.
“ Daddy, daddy! I want this for my birthday! It’s beautiful! “
“ Are you sure, sweetheart? “ her father asked.
“ Yes! Please, daddy! Pretty please! “
“ Ok! If that’s what you want! “
“ Yeey! “
And from that day on, every time  the door opened I could see that girl’s smile.
Years passed by and the little girl grew up into a beautiful teenager. I was seeing her often but her smile slowly disappeared with every repeating dance.
One night, she opened the door again, but those big blue eyes of hers were holding back tears. I wished I knew what was wrong. We decided to dance with more passion than ever so we would manage to cheer her up.
And guess what?! It worked! She smiled again, just by looking at us. I was so happy.
Situations like this happened for a while until that night came. The night that I still hate. On that night, she opened the door and we started to dance as usual. She watched us with the same sparkle in her eyes until the door suddenly closed and the box was lifted from its usual space. I could hear the girl's voice trying desperatly to make the intruder understand that the box was her most precious possesion.
" Please, give it back! Don't break it! Please, not the music box! " 
" Don't you think you're too old to have such a thing?"
The intruder was a little ten year old boy who liked to break any object that he considered unuseful.
" I promise I won't break it, but you won't see it ever again!
" Please, no! Not the Music Box!"
The girl's voice faded slowly as if the wind blew it away further and further. A few minutes later the music box was placed in a big old trunk. We stayed there and waited for the door to open again, for someone to happily await our dance, but this didn't happen; those blue eyes never looked at us with so much passion ever again. 
We waited...minutes....hours....years...until one day....one fortunate day, when we heard somebody opening the trunk's door and looking through it. A few minutes later the door opened and we started to dance as slowly and beautifuly as before. We were greeted by an old woman with a really happy smile. Her hair was like spider's silk, her wrinkles were like the waves of an ocean and it was like they were telling all the stories of her life. She had cristal clear blue eyes that were hidden behind a pair of old glasses. I only needed a second to look in those beautiful eyes to realise that she was actually the teenage girl that was so passionate about our dance. Her eyes lit up when she saw us and she looked at us the same way she had so many years ago.
She closed the door and started talking to someone.
" Look here, honey. This is one of my most precious possesions. I had lost it a long time ago and I really missed it. Now, I want to give it to you. If you listen carefully and you pay attention to the prince and princesse's dance you can understand their story and the story of all those before me who possesed it. "
" But, granny, are you sure you want to give it to me? It's so beautiful! "
" Yes, sweety, I'm sure. Open it! "
The door opened and we started to dance as usual. I couldn't wait to see who was our new friend. She was a little girl with large dark eyes and her wavy black hair was in pigtails. She was acting enthusiastic and she had the same sparkle in her eye as her grandmother had. We were pleased to know that we will be able to tell our story to another person as I told it to you know. So, next time you see a music box, don't forget to listen carefuly to it because you can hear many beautiful stories.

Just another story by me!

~ Drops ~

        Raining…I look outside the window. In every drop of rain I see a face. I wanna know more about it so I catch some of the drops. Hey, I can see the face again! But, why is it sad? 
I catch some more drops and I understand that I am that sad face. Tears rolled down and joined the rain drops. I realized that I was asking myself “ Why am I the drop of  oil in this world? Why can’t I be like tears? “ They are sad or happy at times but they can also be friends with rain drops and no one can see the difference.
But oil drops can’t do this. You can immediately spot them and remove them.  
They can’t be friends neither with the rain drops nor the tears.
But then… something came in my mind. At the beginning I saw myself in those rain drops. So there’s a part of me in everyone. Maybe it’s just me that can’t or don’t want to stay with them. Maybe it’s better as I am. Because, as years passed, I realized I have enough friends. Then why was I sad? Oh, it doesn’t matter, I’m hungry, Bye!

Another opinion by me! 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Time Travel

         I have been thinking for a very long time about how it can be to go back in time and change what is wrong; how you can see all the beautiful memories again and again without anybody telling you to stop; how you can remember all the times when you were happy, sad, lonely or loved again and again in a second.
What would it be like, if such a Time Machine would exist.
One day, I was sitting alone in my garden watching the sky and the sun coming down through the branches and I was thinking about all these things. Suddenly, I felt like I wanted to play the piano. I was home alone so I took the liberty of playing my mother’s piano for a bit. I played my favorite song from childhood Comptine d’un autre été – l’apres midi by Yann Tierson. I never knew what I liked about that song, but I heard my mother playing it so many times and I was always near her to listen to it. It reminded me somehow of my life, of my passions, of my way of living. This was the only song I knew how to play perfectly because it was the only one that reached my heart and soul.
I started to play it and as I was concentrating, the world around me started to change. I was still playing the song, when I saw that I was now in the middle of a living room where I could see a big Christmas tree, decorated with lots of colored globes and with a sparkling star on top of it. Near it I could see a little girl, with brown hair, big brown eyes and with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen that was looking at a white teddy bear she just received. When she touched the teddy bear’s paw, it started to sing and she was a bit shocked. But she started to laugh again and to look at her parents with so much happiness in her eyes that anyone would have smiled just by looking at her.
I closed my eyes and continued playing the piano. When I opened them I found myself in a classroom full of little children. Somewhere in the back, on a little chair, I saw again the little girl with brown hair from before, only this time I could see that she was a bit scared and she didn’t have the same smile on her face. When her mother wanted to leave her there with the teacher and the other children she started to cry and ran towards her mother saying that she doesn’t want to be left alone. Her mother calmed her and than left, leaving the poor little girl in an unknown world.
I continued playing and the background changed again. I was now in a small room, and I could see the girl, that was now older, staying on a couch. Near her it was a calendar on which it was marked near the date 15th October: My birthday. She was staying alone, crying, thinking that everybody forgot about her birthday. The clock on the wall showed 8 o’clock p.m. when her mother finally returned home and said that she was very sorry about being late. The girl said nothing, but looked at her with sad eyes. Her mother showed her some presents she had bought that day saying that she was sorry for not giving them to her earlier. On the girl’s face appeared the same extraordinary smile that she had when she was young. A smile that showed true happiness.
A tear went down my cheek while I was seeing this scene. Want to know why? Because all those events were actually my memories from when I was young. The little girl I saw was actually me in the past. Until then, I never knew I had such a smile. I haven’t seen it in a while because I have grown up and thought about other things. But when I was little and I had no worries that smile showed my true feelings. I was happy. I never thought I would ever see that smile again. But that day, that hour, that song I was playing reminded me of the past, of how I used to be. On that day I found out that there are not important the years in your life, but the life in your years.
And you want to know what else I found out? I also found out that you don’t need a time machine to go back in time. You only need to be yourself and to remember all those days using your heart. And a song might also help you sometimes.
A person of success is a person that can make a strong foundation with the bricks that others throw at him. I believe in this; and I found the true meaning of time travelling. You can find it too if you truly want to.
My name is Alexandra, and I wanted to tell you this touching story so you can remember the beautiful smile that you had when you were young and what you felt in those moments.
That is all for now.
An ending word?

Just another opinion by me.