Friday, December 2, 2011


Look at the lifeless creature,
Sitting lonely in the dark.
I would love to have its picture,
So it can forever leave its mark.

It smiles slightly, but it’s fake,
I bet it cries inside in vain.
How much laughter will it take,
To make it smile wholeheartedly again?

It looks at me with glassy eyes
As if asking for something that I have.
Where on earth are those keys,
That unlock the secrets of the cave?

Through the dark I reach for it,
Its little hand grabs mine silently.
Now I think I understand it;
The thing it wanted me to know so badly.

Long ago, in another past,
When skies were blues, and grass was green
And I was a child, playing in the dust,
It was my friend, and has forever been.

But now, today, I’m old and stupid;
I never saw what was missing inside.
I forgot about the puppet shaped as a cupid
That has always been by my side.

I look carefully at it again;
The smile I knew had returned.
And now, I bow my head in shame
Hoping time will be reversed.

I whisper to it in silence,
Telling it that I am sorry
And that it will forever be in a special place,
By my heart; So the puppet shouldn’t worry.

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