Thursday, August 18, 2011

Legend of two stars

         This legend starts in a beautiful meadow where many fireflies like to live. They brighten up the night making the surrounding seem like a fantasy.
        One of those little sparkling creatures was a firefly named Joe. He was ordinary at first glance. He liked to dance into the night, he enjoyed the company of other fireflies, the jokes, the music nature offers and anything else. But deep down he had one little secret that no one knew about. Joe, our little firefly, was in love.
       Every night, he would silently sneak away from his friends and go deep in the forest, flying up to the highest tree; and there, hidden by darkness, he would look at his beloved; the highest star that could be seen. He was in love with that star that he named Jolie.
       It would seem foolish to many of you, but to Joe, this was a true fairytale. He wished hundreds of times to be near her, but she was too far. So, eventually, he coped with just seeing her and telling sweet words to her every night without expecting an answer.
This little romance between Joe and Jolie lasted for a long time; until that unfortunate day when humans came to the meadow with their gigantic metal things called cars, barbecues and other stuff. They didn’t consider harming nature for one second.
      When darkness came and fireflies wanted to come out and dance the night away, they saw that the humans didn’t leave the meadow. Several children noticed the fireflies and tried to catch them using nets or jars.
      Many fireflies fled so they wouldn’t be caught. Among them was also Joe. He was just about to escape when he saw that one of his sisters was in danger. He flew and saved her but unfortunately one of the kids stepped on him by accident. His last words were: “Good bye, Jolie! “
     When danger passed, Joe was found by his family and friends and they all regretted losing him. But they didn’t know, that Joe was actually happy. If any of them would have looked at the sky, they would have noticed that near Jolie, another star was shining brightly.
Joe had his wish come true and he was now going to spend eternity near his beloved Jolie.

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