Tuesday, December 7, 2010

~ Drops ~

        Raining…I look outside the window. In every drop of rain I see a face. I wanna know more about it so I catch some of the drops. Hey, I can see the face again! But, why is it sad? 
I catch some more drops and I understand that I am that sad face. Tears rolled down and joined the rain drops. I realized that I was asking myself “ Why am I the drop of  oil in this world? Why can’t I be like tears? “ They are sad or happy at times but they can also be friends with rain drops and no one can see the difference.
But oil drops can’t do this. You can immediately spot them and remove them.  
They can’t be friends neither with the rain drops nor the tears.
But then… something came in my mind. At the beginning I saw myself in those rain drops. So there’s a part of me in everyone. Maybe it’s just me that can’t or don’t want to stay with them. Maybe it’s better as I am. Because, as years passed, I realized I have enough friends. Then why was I sad? Oh, it doesn’t matter, I’m hungry, Bye!

Another opinion by me! 

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  1. Sadness is a fear of loss,fear of being alone, or just about any kind of fear. You said you love God in your profile. God made you in his image. You are an heir with Christ his son and he has given him all things including his power and love. Never deny sadness, but accept it with compassion as a part of you. You have something others don't, hope and faith. If you can see what God will do then it's not faith. Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. Sadness is a whirlpool from which there is no help for except the supernatural power of faith. I realize you were just writing, and it was beautiful, but who do we write about unless it's our selves. I had a son that burned to death thirty six years ago. I grieved too long. Your life will have many disasters and embarrassments. So what! You are the only one who can make you unhappy. You are a fantastic writer and brilliant. Have hope and faith.