Thursday, September 6, 2012

Missing Grandpa

Does this darkness have a name?
Who exactly should I blame?
For the sorrow and the pain
That will come to me again?

You’re song lingers in my heart;
As if we'll never be apart.
But when I look at the wooden door
I know that it won’t open anymore.

Sunrise whispers words so sweet,
Also hoping that we meet;
But it’s sunset by the sea
And you aren’t near me.

As I look at the horizon,
And I feel forever broken,
I know grandpa’s over seas –
He can’t hear my painful screams.

In my pocket lies your photo,
Your voice sounds just like an echo,
The books you read surround me –
And yet it’s you I want to see.

You’re holding out your hand so warm
And afraid of another storm,
I reach forward like a toddler –
It’s thin air; not your finger.

When it falls, my lonely tear,
I hold back my biggest fear:
That you’ll never smile again
And I’ll always live in pain.

Gentle eyes hidden behind glasses,
Look at the door that now closes.
For the last time I look back
Knowing now what I will lack.

I feel sunrise hugging earth,
While night gives its one last breath.
But it’s sunset by the sea
And you aren’t near me.

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